Are contract reviews really needed?

What’s involved in a review of my business contracts?

Contracts are written to serve the interests of the parties involved. A contract review can ensure your business interests receive fair treatment.

A contract dictates the terms and conditions of a business relationship in a binding agreement. The contracts you sign need to align with your business objectives.

Property contracts need legal advice

When it comes to property transactions, you should not even think of signing a contract without the benefit of legal advice. Unforeseen complications, financial setbacks, and legal disputes are all too common.

The bottom line, whether you’re a buyer or seller, is to protect your interests first and foremost.

A contract review by an experienced lawyer is a prudent step. Here’s why:

Expose unfavourable clauses

A skilled lawyer can identify where a contract may prove unfavourable to your interests, including clauses that could potentially damage your business over the long term.

Recommend essential provisions

Lawyers can also recommend provisions typically included in similar contracts with the aim of improving the clarity of the agreement and going further toward protecting your interests.

Mitigating legal risks

Your lawyer’s clarification of the terms and language in your contract can reduce the potential for future disputes.

Negotiation power

In a negotiation, having a lawyer by your side is empowering. Knowing how the terms in the contract sit with your business goals is essential for your negotiating position.

How does the ACCC define an unfair contract term?

An unfair contract term, according to the ACCC, is a term that creates a significant imbalance between the rights and obligations of the parties, to the detriment of one party.

Unfair contract terms are typically those that give one party a unilateral right to vary the contract, avoid or limit their performance obligations, or impose harsh penalties without reasonable justification.

The Ballantyne Law advantage

At Ballantyne Law, we offer an array of contract review services and have designed them to cater to your needs as follows.

Comprehensive Contract Reviews

Our Contract Reviews provide you with a thorough examination of your legal agreements and help ensure that your contract is well-structured and crystal clear.

You will receive written copies of our advice with key issues and potential risks highlighted. You’ll also be able to consult your lawyer directly by phone.

Efficiency and fixed-fee pricing

Your time and budget will benefit from our fixed-fee pricing. Our services are known for their efficiency and affordability and you’ll have peace of mind knowing there’ll be no unwelcome surprises.

Transparency in recommended changes

Our lawyers can provide, on request, a list of recommended contract changes in a format you can send to the other party. During the negotiation process, this transparency will ensure clarity and fairness.

Meet our expert legal team

At Ballantyne Law, we ensure you receive the best contract review assistance from our team of top-trained lawyers who are experts in various legal domains.

Arrange a Contract Review with our lawyers on the Gold Coast now.


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