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With transparent fixed and cost-effective pricing, and strong relationships with local property professionals, Ballantyne Law Group is your key to quality conveyancing on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is the largest non-capital city in Australia, and the sixth largest city overall.

From Jacobs Well and Yatala in the north to Coolangatta in the South, the Gold Coast includes a huge variety of residential property – from rural and semi-rural acreages, through to suburban homes, apartments and multi million dollar waterfront properties.

The Gold Coast’s uniqueness means that local knowledge is vital to a property transaction.

Ballantyne Law Group has that local knowledge. Ballantyne Law Group’s experienced conveyancing team has settled thousands of Gold Coast properties of all types, and we have a keen understanding of the specific local laws that apply to Gold Coast conveyancing, as well as a deep knowledge of the Gold Coast property, and the issues that may apply whether you are purchasing or selling.

We pride ourselves on our local knowledge, attention to detail and clear communications. When you contact Ballantyne Law Group, you can be assured you are dealing with a qualified and experienced conveyancer.

Whether you are thinking about buying or selling property on the Gold Coast, or have already entered into a contract, Ballantyne Law Group would love to help you.

Frequently asked questions

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The purchase or sale of a residential property is the biggest financial transaction that most of us will ever make. When you engage Ballantyne Law Group’s conveyancing team, we provide services to ensure the smooth transition of the Contract of Sale. This includes:

  • Reviewing all facets of the Contract of Sale 
  • Keeping you up to date with the conveyancing schedule, key dates and any issues
  • Property searches to ensure all aspects of the property are as required
  • Liaising with your bank/financial institution and the other party’s legal team
  • Calculating financial commitments as may pertain to council rates, water, body corporate fees and land tax
  • Arranging and attending settlement
  • Ensuring completion of all matters post-settlement

Under the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld), professional conveyancing work must be undertaken by a properly qualified and insured solicitor. While some practices use supervised paralegals, conveyancing through Ballantyne Law Group is solicitor-led from start to finish. You will always be able to contact a qualified lawyer if you have any questions or problems.


Many firms offer fixed price conveyancing, but it pays to read the fine print. Generally, conveyancing costs comprise a professional fee component for the work undertaken by the firm, as well as expenses (e.g., searches, agent’s costs etc) and GST. Some firms may also charge additional fees to cover, for example:

  • postage, petties, photocopying and sundry costs
  • if the contract is terminated under the building/pest/finance conditions
  • a ‘service fee’ for searches on top of the fees already charged by the service provider

Ballantyne Law Group offers a cost-effective, lawyer-led, fixed price conveyancing service with no hidden extras.

In Queensland, a standard contract of sale comes with strict dates and times to be observed during the conveyancing process. Failing to meet these deadlines may place you in breach of the contract and allow the other party to terminate the contract or sue.

In Queensland, a five-day ‘cooling off period’ begins on the day you receive the fully executed contract, signed by the buyer and seller. Within that timeframe, you can withdraw from the contract without giving reason. However, if the buyer does terminate the contract within the five days, the seller is eligible for up to 0.25% of the purchase price out of the deposit paid. 

Electronic conveyancing has begun in Queensland and Ballantyne Law Group can provide this service. However, we do not always recommend our clients choose this path. It depends on specific circumstances for all parties in the transaction. We are happy to discuss this with you. If you would like to discuss Conveyancing or any other matters with our Conveyancing team on the Gold Coast, please contact us or call (07) 5606 7332.

Most residential conveyancing in Queensland utilises either the REIQ or ADL standard terms contract.  In Queensland, the contract is generally prepared by the real estate agent acting on the sale and it is not unusual for a buyer or seller to request the inclusion of special conditions. These should be drafted by a lawyer – not the parties themselves or the real estate agent.  

Ballantyne Law Group Gold Coast regularly assists agents in preparing such special conditions. Furthermore, our fully trained conveyancing team has the skills and expertise to manage any legal problem that may arise. We protect your interests and ensure the conveyancing process remains on track. 

Because a purchase transaction generally requires additional complex searches and additional work – including preparation of transfers and stamp duty – the professional fee for a purchase tends to be higher than that of a sale. In the case of commercial property, additional considerations such as GST, Capital Gains Tax, leases and service agreements add complexities to the conveyancing process, resulting in higher professional fees. The good news is that Ballantyne Law Group Gold Coast offers cost-effective fixed commercial conveyancing, and we provide quotes on request.

Transfer duty (or stamp duty) is paid to the Queensland Government upon the transfer of property ownership. It is paid by the buyer and the amount relates to the purchase price. The amount is also influenced by whether you are buying the property to live in or as an investment. First homebuyers in Queensland are currently eligible for concessions.

Non-resident foreign buyers generally need approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) before purchasing residential property in Australia. Since 1 December 2015, a non-refundable fee is payable on applications, with the fee dependant on the price of acquisition (starting at $5,000 for a price of $1 million or less).

Before entering a contract, non-resident foreign buyers should consult with Ballantyne Law Group to help with drafting appropriate special conditions and preparing the FIRB application.

With our fixed price, fully trained professional service and easy to understand advice, we are working to protect your interests and achieve the solutions you want. 

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“We are committed to providing a high quality and cost effective conveyancing experience for both buyers and sellers.  With over 30 years’ combined experienced in conveyancing, we understand what is important to our clients.

We use transparent and fixed pricing, efficient technologies and are available when you need us speaking language that you can understand.  Whether you are buying your first house, upgrading the family home or are a savvy and experienced property investor, Ballantyne Law Group can assist in all aspects of residential conveyancing.

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