How Commercial Law helped Bob – [a case study]

Business Law Case Study presented by a commercial lawyer in QLD Australia

In this video, James Ballantyne explains a case study on how Ballantyne Law has assisted Bob a widget repairer with his business legal needs throughout the business life cycle from the time Bob decided to establish the business until he has grown it to the point that he is thinking of selling the company shares to successors.

5 issues that can threaten your business partnership in Australia

While business partnerships begin with shared optimism and goals, they quickly can become vulnerable. As a leading commercial law firm on the Gold Coast, Ballantyne Law Group covers all areas of business partnerships, including expert legal support if and when problems arise.

Should I restructure my business?

Restructuring is a process through which a business reorganises its operation to maximise earning potential, suit current circumstances, and improve capacity to meet obligations – including debt.

From our offices in Southport on the Gold Coast, Ballantyne Law Group’s commercial lawyers can answer all your questions about restructuring. Should you decide to proceed, we keep you fully informed throughout, making sure you understand and adhere to all legal requirements around compliance and other issues.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise

Franchising enables people to enter the small business sector without building a business from scratch. You work within an established business model and must meet various obligations – financial and operational – to honour your franchise agreement.

New Years Resolutions

At this time of year we often reflect on our personal goals for the coming year. Often, we dust off last year’s resolutions, hardly used!

Why structuring matters

One of the more overlooked aspects of a new investment, whether it be a new business, property or other commercial investment, is structuring.