Discretionary Trusts

What are discretionary trusts?

Discretionary trusts (which are also often called family trusts) are a commonly used vehicle to hold business, property or other investment assets.

When discretionary trusts are used correctly, they offer a high level of asset protection and taxation flexibility.

There are a number of ways in which a discretionary trust can be established. In most circumstances, we recommend that a properly prepared discretionary trust deed be used.

Prepare your discretionary trust deed

All discretionary trust deeds provided by Ballantyne Law Group are prepared by a fully qualified solicitor experienced in structuring and commercial law.

Our deeds are bespoke – your instructions are reviewed by a lawyer and the document is drafted and considered by a lawyer, rather than an ‘off the shelf’ document prepared with little to know human interaction.

For a reduced price, you can receive the documentation electronically only, which allows you the flexibility to print and execute the documents at your convenience.
Our professional team is available to respond to your (or your professional advisors) queries in relation to the documents.

We generally turn around discretionary trust deeds within one business day of receiving an order.


What are your costs to prepare a discretionary trust deed?

Order a discretionary trust

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