Empowering Business Success: The Significance of Shareholders Agreements

James Ballantyne Presentation on shareholder agreements and business law in Australia

James Ballantyne’s presentation here [video included] serves as a reminder that while no one enters a business expecting disputes, carefully designed shareholders agreements can safeguard the business and foster a prosperous future for its stakeholders.

These agreements become vital tools in building a solid foundation for business growth, providing decision-making processes that align goals, resolve disputes, ensure fair valuations, and more.

The Essential Guide to Understanding Contracts for Business Owners

Contracts for Businesses QLD

In this article, we will discuss some of the key aspects of contracts that Queensland business owners need to be aware of.

A commercial lawyer can help you navigate the legal issues of a contract and protect your business interests, no matter whether you are drafting a contract, negotiating a deal, or resolving a contractual dispute.

How Commercial Law helped Bob – [a case study]

Business Law Case Study presented by a commercial lawyer in QLD Australia

In this video, James Ballantyne explains a case study on how Ballantyne Law has assisted Bob a widget repairer with his business legal needs throughout the business life cycle from the time Bob decided to establish the business until he has grown it to the point that he is thinking of selling the company shares to successors.

Commercial Tenancies Code

The Prime Minister has announced that the National Cabinet has approved a new mandatory “Commercial Tenancies Code” to assist in dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
Each state is expected to amend legislation to implement the Code’s principles shortly.

Commercial Tenancies Code of Conduct

The recently announced mandatory Code of Conduct (Code) for commercial tenancy requires landlords and tenants to negotiate appropriate temporary leasing arrangements to achieve mutually satisfactory outcomes during the Coronavirus pandemic and a reasonable recovery period.