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Property Law expertise for Australian subdivision & development projects

Subdivision and development projects — anywhere in Australia — need property law expertise from the outset.

Due diligence done with meticulous care is key.
In the context of intricate property law in Australia, including tax implications, your interests need to be safeguarded.

Gain peace of mind by taking your subdivision and development project to the Gold Coast property law specialists at Ballantyne Law.

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Ballantyne Law’s legal services

Our property lawyers provide expert insights into every facet of small to large-scale subdivision and development projects.

1. Entity structuring & joint venture agreements

Entity structuring and joint venture agreements are the foundation of successful development projects.

We define your rights and responsibilities clearly in well-written agreements that mitigate potential disputes down the line.

2. Site selection, feasibility, & due diligence

The site you select for your subdivision and development project is pivotal. We assist by conducting thorough and professional site feasibility assessments.

Our assistance includes due diligence, investigating all legal, financial, practical, and physical factors. This comprehensive approach ensures a solid foundation for your project.

Due diligence is not a one-size-fits-all. It demands expert tailored guidance and assistance to make sure your project is well protected.

Our property law specialists help you gain maximum value in the due diligence process.

3. Contract negotiation, drafting, & review

Make sure your contracts align with your goals and protect your interests. Have them negotiated, drafted, and reviewed by our property law specialists.
Every detail will be scrutinised meticulously, whether we’re reviewing conditional contracts or put and/or call options.

4. Specialised Agreements:

Put and/or Call Options, Nomination Agreements
Put and/or Call options and Nomination Agreements can play a pivotal role in the course of your development.

Our Gold Coast property law team is adept at crafting these agreements to align with your project’s unique requirements.

Our property law team leaves no stone unturned when drafting and reviewing special conditions to safeguard your interests and cover your project-specific needs.

5. Off-the-Plan Contracts & Disclosure Statements

We provide expert property law guidance in off-the-plan contracts and disclosure statements. We can prepare and draft these documents for you as needed.

6. Transfer Duty advice

Transfer duty is a financial aspect of subdivision and development projects that cannot be ignored.

It’s wise to know in advance how to minimise your tax obligations. Don’t hesitate to contact the specialists at Ballantyne Law for invaluable advice that will help you make informed decisions.

7. Preparedness for disputed matters

Be well-prepared should any dispute arise during your subdivision and development project.

Our property lawyers offer expert guidance and resolution strategies that will protect your interests.

8. Comprehensive project documentation

You’ll want your project documentation to be impeccable. Our comprehensive services cover the handling of all aspects of project documentation, including:

  • Building Management
  • Statements,
  • Business cases
  • Community
  • Management
  • Statements
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Covenants
  • Easements
  • Leases
  • Licences
  • Mortgages


9. Sale of lots: registered & unregistered

Selling of registered or unregistered lots within your development project can be a seamless process with Ballantyne Law’s expert assistance.

10. Collaboration with your team of consultants

Our team will work hand in hand with your consultants to ensure the smooth progress of all aspects of your project, from start to finish.

What is the importance of Due Diligence?

Due diligence is a crucial element in development projects. It encompasses legal, financial, practical, and physical factors that impact your project’s feasibility.

To protect your position, due diligence conditions need to be documented. This is important when you wish to acquire an asset for subdivision and development through a conditional contract. Similarly when you’re utilising put and/or call options.

The language and clauses within this important document must ensure:

Adequate access

We ensure that you and your agents gain access to the property for essential investigations, such as environmental assessment, soil tests, compaction testing, and invasive inspections.

Buyer's rights are upheld to mitigate risk

Meticulous due diligence conditions will ensure your rights are upheld throughout the full scope of your investigations and enquiries.

We comprehensively address any risk elements associated with due diligence investigations and ensure that the seller provides you with all pertinent information regarding the property — including plans, infrastructure details, certificates, and more.

Existing use & restrictions are addressed

The document we create will address existing property use, including leases, as well as any restriction to access for due diligence purposes.

How to maximise success for your subdivision and development project

You don’t want to leave your development or your due diligence open to challenges.

Safeguard your interests and minimise exposure during the investigative stages of your project by having your due diligence documentation drafted by our accredited property law specialists.

We also provide specialised assistance in drafting and reviewing purchase contracts, options and all subsequent stages of subdivision and development projects.

To ensure smooth and successful progress for your subdivision and development projects, contact Ballantyne Law today.

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