Asset Protection Trust

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An Asset Protection Trust (APT) is a financial arrangement that can be incorporated to protect your hard-won assets creditors and legal liabilities.

At the same time, your APT can also allow you to benefit from those assets.

An APT is an important strategy, providing significant advantages for high net worth individuals and families looking to protect their wealth.

Once controversial, APTs are now legal in Australia.

Crowdfunding in Australia

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Crowdfunding is an innovative financing method your business can use to pool money from a vast online audience.

Beyond funding, it offers marketing benefits, enhances brand visibility, and fosters customer relationships.

The rise of crowdfunding platforms
Crowdfunding in Australia has become more accessible thanks to platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe.

Catering to many sectors, including technology, arts, and social initiatives, these platforms provide secure payment options and increase project visibility.