When, why and how lawyers work with accountants

When, why and how lawyers work with accountants

You might be surprised to learn just how closely lawyers and accountants work together. Ballantyne Law’s services in commercial law, property law and estate planning regularly require collaboration with accountants to deliver best results for our clients.

The law by the numbers

While law and accountancy are different professions, our duties do overlap. When this occurs, a good working relationship is good news for clients.

On the Gold Coast, Ballantyne Law Group is a leader in commercial law, property law and estate planning, all of which feature financial systems ranging from straightforward to complex. Taxation, investments, shares, superannuation, GST, company structures, family trusts and wills are some of the areas on which lawyers and accountants collaborate to meet our clients’ legal and financial obligations.

Ballantyne Law Group maintains complementary relationships with a select group of accountancy practices. We can help find the right accountant for you.

How does the collaboration work?

It usually begins with a discussion to familiarise each other with the client’s situation and needs. This helps to establish and/or consolidate the working relationship, which then informs the process around the handling of documents, sharing of information and legal/financial matters to follow.

It is important to recognise and respect the different knowledge and skills of each party. Not only does a good working relationship maintain a focus on the best interests of the client, it also improves the prospects of future referrals and collaborations.

Lawyers, accountants and commercial law

Running a business is not easy, so avoiding legal and/or financial trouble is the best way to keep your business up and your stress levels down.

By engaging a trusted commercial law firm like Ballantyne Law Group, and an equally trusted accountant, our mutual clients can be confident that all legal and financial requirements are under control – down to the last and the finest detail.

Lawyers, accountants and estate planning

Anyone who has functioned as an executor remembers the to-and-fro of documentation, authorisations and transactions that unfolds around wills, estates and power of attorney.

Even in the most basic of circumstances, Ballantyne Law Group’s estate planning team still recommends you engage a lawyer when the time comes to make your will and decide the distribution of your assets. This is especially sound advice for more complex estates involving, for example, family trusts, share portfolios, and corporate financial structures and systems.

This is also where the lawyer-accountant relationship comes into its own, to deliver trusted, astute and coordinated management during a difficult and emotional time.

Lawyers, accountants and property law

When buying, selling or leasing property, it is imperative to have the best legal and accounting services at your disposal.

As stated, here on the Gold Coast, Ballantyne Law Group collaborates with a select group of highly regarded accountants whose understanding of all financial obligations, structures and strategies complements the legal expertise within our property law team.

Whether structuring or restructuring, transferring property to or from individuals or entities, or ticking all legal and financial boxes for a new investment property, Ballantyne Law Group collaborates with only the highest quality accounting services.


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